• July 2024 | An intense course successfuly completed

    Even at the end of our first 2-week intense practical lab course on mass-spec based exposomics, students still looking happy and smiling. Real fun also for the four tutors from our team!

    The practical course was carried out in agreement and coordination with the training needs identified by the ESFRI-Infrastructure Exposome Austria in the research laboratories of the Department of Food Chemistry and Toxicology.

    Find out more about this course here.

  • May 2024 | Exposome Mini-Symposium

    On May 22, Exposome Austria, the National EIRENE Node, hosted a symposium highlighting early-career researchers' work in exposome research. The event sparked numerous queries, comments, and lively networking discussions, proving us the importance of such gatherings. We definitely plan to hold these events more frequently.

    As Austria's contact point for the areas of Environmental Health and Personalized Prevention, Exposome Austria aims to inform and facilitate dialogue among the research community, industry, and the public. This engagement is crucial for fostering a comprehensive understanding and driving effective actions in this multidisciplinary field.

    Thank you to all who attended and contributed to this meaningful event. We look forward to seeing you again!

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  • February 2024 | For Ö1 Radio on exposome

    Missed Benedikt Warth's talk for the Austria´s national broadcaster Ö1 on Feb 29?

    Listen to the enlightening discussion on exposome research until March 29 (in German only).
    For access beyond, email us for the recording file!

  • January 2024 | A new Exposome Austria newsletter released

    Explore the notable evolution of the Research Infrastructure & National EIRENE Node, Exposome Austria, throughout the past year. Delve into the insights with our brand new overview here or by clicking the image below!

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  • October 2023 | Prof. A. Heather Eliassen visits Vienna

    On Oct 3, we had the honour of welcoming Prof. A. Heather Eliassen, a distinguished US researcher in nutrition and epidemiology from Harvard's Chan School of Public Health.

    Heather, who oversees the development of the EIRENE national node “Exposome Austria” as one of its advisory board members, delivered an enlightening lecture on 'Leveraging biomarkers in breast cancer epidemiology' at Medical University of Vienna and later took the time to meet with Exposome Austria consortium members, Prof. Eva Schernhammer and Prof. Benedikt Warth at the Mass Spectrometry Center of the University of Vienna. A day brimming with insights and collaboration. 

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  • July 2023 | Happy to welcome our collaborator and visiting scientist Julia Kuligowski from La Fe, the Health Research Institute Hospital in Valencia (IIS La Fe). Julia will be supporting our team during the summer working on early-life exposure assessment. Welcome!

  • June 30, 2023 | Interview for Rudolphina
    (for our German-speaking audience) 

Excited to share the latest insights from the interview with Professor Benedikt Warth in the University of Vienna's magazine, RudolphinaThe summarizing 
article "Schadstoffe gehen durch den Magen" (Toxins pass through the stomach) introduces one of the "hot topics" in today's science - exposome. Besides the current ERC Project EXPOMET and other topics, it also reveals:

  • What are the primary triggers of chronic diseases.
  • How exposome research contributes to unraveling the causes of breast cancer.
  • Why we should be shifting from the repair to personalized prevention medicine.

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  • June 2023 ASMS 2023 | Exposome Austria at Mass Spec conference in Houston

Early this month, three members of the Exposome Austria team at the University of Vienna - Benedikt Warth, Max. L. Feuerstein and Vinicius V. Hernandes - traveled overseas to Houston, Texas, to present current exposomics research at the 71st conference of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS). Much interest in our new methods and results!

While Benedikt contributed as a presider of one the exposomics interest group workshops and gave a talk Exposomic approaches for next-generation human biomonitoring, our team has also a chance to present their posters on the following topics:

- Integrating veterinary drugs and pesticides into a targeted LC-MS/MS exposome-scale
(Md Zakir Hossain, presented by Benedikt Warth)
- Multi-class assessment of chemical exposure in dried blood spots: a pilot study (Vinicius V.
  Hernandes et. al.)
- HRMS-based Exposomics for Evaluating Embryonic Exposure and Cross-Placental Transfer of       
(Max L. Feuerstein

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  • March 20-22, 2023 | 1st retreat of Exposome Austria.

    A 3-day interdisciplinary event held in Retz, the winery center of Lower Austria´s Weinviertel region, brought together the members of our consortium, their research groups, and also several invited experts from the scientific community. The retreat agenda featured presentations, tutorials, and introductions about the diverse research projects with the main aim to establish general awareness among the individual groups and institutions of the multidisciplinary consortium.

  • March 2022 On May 31 our national research infrastructure will be officially launched via an opening event at the University of Vienna. This is a public event and all interested stakeholders are most welcome! Please register early on: